About Us

Buck & de Leon Construction SampleBuck de Leon Construction has been in business on the Monterey Peninsula since 1975. Owners, Rod de Leon has lived in Carmel Valley for 54 years and Howard Buck for 48 years, since 1962.

In the 35 years since inception, they have built many custom homes, as well as small additions, decks, swimming pools, tennis courts, landscaping, and complete remodels.

One of Buck de Leon strengths is being involved from the design stage in order to bring our knowledge of materials and trades to help the owners & architects with their choices from a design and cost standpoint.

We use highly qualified local sub-contractors chosen for their knowledge, honesty, and fair pricing. Our carpenters and laborers have been with us for an average of 7 years, which helps us give a level of quality and consistency to bring the projects in on time and on budget.

We work hard to have our clients trust and enjoy the building experience from start to finish. Over the years we have compiled a referral list of past and present clients, who we have become friends with, all of whom would share their experiences with you.

Having lived on the Monterey Peninsula for so long gives us a unique perspective on the effects of weather, landscaping, animals, and the environment on any new building projects in the area such as: erosion, fire, water savings, polluting, fencing, recycling.

We live here and will be here to help with any problems long into the future.